Freelance Artist, Photographer, and Interactive Consultant


Born November 2, 1987 in Atlanta, GA, Brandon Magar has always been interested in art and photography from an early age, winning drawing contests in elementary school, building models of cars and buildings with his architect father, and always claiming art as his favorite subject in school. Armed with a 35mm camera as a kid, he took photos everywhere from Braves baseball games to school field trips at the Tennessee aquarium and the Atlanta Zoo, using his allowance money to have his film developed.

Born to young parents, Brandon and his father shared an interest in watching MTV and head banging (despite his mother’s great distaste for the so-called “noise”) to 80’s metal bands such as Metallica and Anthrax, sparking his life-long love for music. Throughout high school and college Brandon was involved with several death metal, metal, and alternative bands, providing vocals and lyrics for his and his friends’ band projects.

Moving throughout Arkansas and Georgia, Brandon has acquired a taste for sweet tea and fried chicken but feels much more at home in a large city than a small rural farm, and it’s the concrete environment like Atlanta that has lead to his urban style of art and photography. Since the days of his Atlanta Zoo disposable shots, Brandon has since photographed places such as Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and southern and northern California, to name a few. He has worked for the globally-reaching non-profit organization Girl Talk, Inc. in Atlanta, responsible for photography, social media, and maintaining and updating their website, as well as photographed for local bands.

Today, Brandon is a full-time art student at Kennesaw State University, working on double majoring in drawing/painting and photography.


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